Exhibitions at the Dutch Fortress Museum

We organize exhibitions related to fortress building or the history of Naarden on an regular basis.

Napoleon ‘Vive L’Empereur’ (finished).

Napoleon visited Naarden Fortress on the 21st of october 1811 for an inspection of the fortifications. Therfore Naarden has a historic relation with the famous French Emperor.

Napoleonic soldiers and photography are an uncommon combination; at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 photography didn’t even excist. However, after Napoleon’s death on the 5th of May 1821 the veterans of the Grande Armée gathered together every year to commemorate their Emperor. On one of those ocassions, problably in 1858, the only excisting pictures were made of Napoleonic soldiers of the First Empire.

This 15 unique photo’s out of The Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection of the Brown University (Providence, USA) are on display at The Dutch Fortress Museum.

At this moment there is no temporary exhibition.